The 510th Fighter Squadron provides combat airpower on demand to U.S. and NATO combatant commanders as well as the National Command Authority in order to meet National Security objectives. The unit performs air and space control and force application roles of counterair, strategic attack, and counterland including interdiction and close-air support with 21 F-16CMs employing state of the art munitions in support of the joint, NATO, and combined operations.

We have new photos posted in the Global Buzzard Gallery of the Buzzards in Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and from other locations.  The 510th Association is still looking for photos/movies between 2000 and 2007 to help record the history of the World's Greatest Fighter Squadron!

We are always looking for help in identifying Buzzards in Uniform, so if you recognize anyone, let us know!

Michael Barrowman has assembled world class videos representative of the 510th Fighter Squadron's journey through history.  Using his computer, music files, video footage converted by Stephen Tanner, photos and online images from the site, he has assembled works of arts dedicated to the era of Buzzards which served.

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Benvenuti (welcome) to Aviano Air Base, Italy, home of the 31st Fighter Wing. I am the 510th's Web Master and I have been given the pleasure of being your virtual sponsor for your upcoming PCS move. You'll be assigned to the 510th Fighter Squadron, one of two F-16 equipped squadrons stationed here. My goal is to make your move as easy, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. By now I am sure you've heard many things about Aviano from all kinds of sources and I'll bet you're as confused as I was before I got here and found out for myself. Through this letter, I hope to give you some "first-hand" information that will help allay your fears. Also, check out the Family Support Center's information package on Aviano.

By Staff Sgt. Dan Neely
31st FW Public Affairs

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy (AFNS) -- Forget mission accomplished, mission surpassed is how members of the 510th Fighter Squadron summed up their deployment to Sidi Ahmed Air Base, Tunisia, Sept. 7-13. They were part of the Buzzard team from Aviano Air Base.

 U.S. and Spanish fighters are together again, just months after taking part in Operation Allied Force as part of the NATO-led coalition that repelled Yugoslov forces from Kosovo.

by Senior Airman Chad Hackney
Operation Northern Watch Public Affairs

07/16/01 - INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey (AFPN) -- Pilots of A-10 Thunderbolt II's flying combat search and rescue missions will see their workload decreased as squadrons flying F-16 Fighting Falcons step up to lend a helping hand.

11/4/2002 - RENO, Nev. (AFPN) -- Three Air Force units were among those recognized for outstanding achievements in maintenance during the annual Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards ceremony Oct. 30 here.

The 354th Fighter Wing, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska (large category); the 18th Maintenance Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Japan (medium category); and the 510th Fighter Squadron, Aviano AB, Italy (small category), were among those honored during this year's ceremony.

With Iraq often failing to follow U.N. resolutions, air expeditionary forces at Incirlik AB keep "A Northern Watch".

Written by Tech. Sgt. Ray Johnson
photos by Staff Sgt. Vince Parker

 It seems as if Saddam Hussein has thumbed his nose at the world more times than there are grains of sand in Southwest Asia’s vast desert. Moreover, he sporadically stalls international arms inspectors at every turn, hindering their eight-year search for evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

While tomorrow's Air Force will have more of an expeditionary look, at Aviano Air Base, The Future is Now.
Written by Tech. Sgt. Ray Johnson
Photos by Master Sgt. John McDowell

News was made in August when Air Force leaders announced that the service would transition to an expeditionary aerospace force within 18 months. By January 2000, Gen. Michael Ryan, Air Force chief of staff, said we will have the mindset, procedures, doctrine and organization to allow for the most effective use of people and resources for challenges resulting from the post-Cold War era.

Written By Tech. Sgt. Bill Hickman
31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Released: Jan. 28, 2000

ANGHIALOS AIR BASE, Volos Greece (USAFENS) -- People and aircraft from Aviano Air Base are in Greece to participate in the joint Greek-American exercise dubbed "Greek Knights".

Five F-16s flew to Anghialos Air Base Jan. 21 to kick off the two-week exercise. About 70 people from the 510th Fighter Squadron and Aviano support agencies are also in Greece making sure the missions are a success.