510th Fighter Squadron

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Fighting Buzzards Drop GBU-54

Published in Code One Magazine

An F-16 pilot with the 510th Fighter Squadron, based at Aviano AB, Italy, and deployed to the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, employed the 500-pound GBU-54 laser-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition, or JDAM, for the first time in the Afghan area of operations in late September. The GBU-54 is equipped with a dual targeting system that combines Global Positioning System and laser guidance to accurately engage moving targets. Pilots previously used a combination of GBU-38 JDAMs and GBU-12 laser guided bombs. Identified as an urgent operational need in early 2007, the Air Force completed development and testing of the GBU-54 in less than seventeen months, fielding it in combat in Iraq in 2008.

Buzzards Over Afghanistan

Published in Code One Magazine

The 510th Fighter Squadron, the Buzzards, one of two F-16 squadrons based at Aviano AB in Italy, deployed to Bagram AB in Afghanistan from May through October 2010 for a scheduled Air Expeditionary Force rotation. The deployment marked the one-year anniversary for US F-16s in Afghanistan. The US forces replaced F-16 units from Belgium and the Netherlands, which began operating in Afghanistan in late 2004. Norway also sent F-16s to the theater beginning in 2006.

510th Fighter Squadron first to use GBU-54

Published in In the News

The Air Force has used the GBU-54 bomb for the first time in combat in Afghanistan, officials at Bagram Airfield announced, Oct. 4, 2010. An F-16 deployed to Bagram from the 510th Fighter Squadron at Aviano AB, Italy, recently dropped a GBU-54 during a combat sortie, they said. The GBU-54, known as the Laser JDAM, is a 500-pound joint direct attack munition with the addition of a laser-guidance kit. That addition allows the munition to strike moving targets precisely, just as it can accurately strike stationary objects via its GPS-aided guidance package. The GBU-54 made its combat debut in August 2008 in Iraq. Here, the weapon is shown resting on an Aviano F-16's wing at Bagram, Oct. 1, 2010.

Air Force photo by SSgt. Christopher Boitz