David Sarvai

David Sarvai

The 31st Fighter Wing’s vision is to be the Air Force’s most combat ready, go-to Fighter Wing. Getting our jets in the air is a priority and requires Airmen from various units throughout Aviano to get the mission done.

Tuesday, 02 December 2008 00:00

Col Michael Fantini Hits 3K Viper Hours

Col. Michael Fantini, the 332nd Operations Group commander, gives a thumbs up at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, after he completed his 3,000th flying hour in an F-16 Fighting Falcon Dec. 2. Cols. John Dolan and David Romuald also completed their 3,000th F-16 flying hour that evening.

Monday, 23 September 2019 00:00

From First to Final Flight

Several thousands of feet in the air, an unlikely reunion takes place at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

Aviano Air Base is situated in the northeast of Italy, not far from what was the global hotspot of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Vandenberg recently hosted the fulfillment of a promise forged in the trials of war, and made more than 70 years ago by a squadron of WWII fighter pilots, here, April 7.

Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson, 3rd Air Force and 17th Expeditionary Air Force commander visited Airmen from the 31st Fighter Wing participating in Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015 here, June 1.

Aircrew from the 40th Flight Test Squadron recently returned from the squadron’s first-ever international deployment.

During a recent raid on a terrorist stronghold in a remote Afghan village, U.S. ground forces came under enemy fire. They called for close air support, and shortly thereafter, an F-16 Fighting Falcon dropped munitions to eliminate the threat.

Sunday, 01 November 2020 15:16

F-16CM 89-2047

Aircraft Photos of AC 89-2047

Monday, 03 August 2020 07:53

Black Sea Joint Training

U.S. Air Forces in Europe led an all domain mission with assets from U.S. Naval Forces Europe, U.S. Special Operations Command Europe, and U.S. Space Command, in the Black Sea, July 22, 2020. The mission occurred in international airspace and waters within the Black Sea and was designed to train U.S. forces to integrate, operate and communicate while executing all domain operations.

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